About Shrooms.VIP

Our mission & life purpose is to provide everyone with affordable, easy access to psilocybin-containig mushrooms & natural plant medicine for healing. Magic mushrooms saved our lives.

Shrooms.VIP Team
One of our wedding photos. No edits 😉
Founders / Growers @ Shrooms.VIP. 

Shrooms.VIP is a husband and wife mycology team that grows mushrooms together to improve our mental health. We really love what we do and we love working together but the best part is hearing how much our mushrooms have helped others.

We know how hard life can be can be so nothing feels better than helping people out, in our own little way with their mental health.

We personally microdose daily and macrodose maybe once every other month. We grow as efficiently as we can,  we do not use manure and in general try our best to be as eco friendly as possible. We use vegan microdose capsules and none of our edibles contain animal products.

We started growing psilocybe cubensis mushrooms about 17 years ago as a curiosity, not fully understanding the benefits, just loving the process and eating them once in a while.

In 2018, after realizing how beneficial psilocybin is, we decided to offer microdose capsules under the name MaxMind Mushrooms in 2018 to help others with their mental health. We’ve rebranded as Happy Fungus in 2020 to offer additional products such as chocolate shroom bars and delicious peanut butter cups. In 2024 we’ve rebranded to Shrooms.VIP as “Fungus” doesn’t sound very appetizing but we still have the same great products and website.

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