Myths about Magic Mushrooms

Myths about magic mushrooms

There are a lot of misconceptions around psilocybin mushrooms and all psychedelics really, but as time goes on more and more of this misinformation is being debunked in studies. In January of 2022, Health Canada even amended their Special Access Program to includes psychedelics because of the information and studies coming out are showing that not only is psilocybin not a big, scary street drug, but that it’s in fact a great tool for combating mental illness, addiction, and pain.

Here are a few myths about magic mushrooms that are widely conceived, but very untrue.

Myth: Psilocybin stays in your system forever.

Nope, not even close. The short term effects of psilocybin are diminished within 6-12 hours. There are rare cases of Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, characterized by persistent flashbacks and reality distortion after your trip, however it appears that most people who use psychedelics never develop HPPD.

Myth: you will get addicted.

Again, not even close. There are no properties in magic mushrooms that can cause physical addiction. In fact, most people consider their trips humbling, making it a little more nerve-racking to take their next dose. Even us, seasoned trippers, always end up procrastinating our trip (we always have a good time, don’t get us wrong). You’re more likely to get addicted to social media than consuming magic mushrooms.

Myth: You’ll experience horrible withdrawal symptoms.

You might be a little dehydrated or get a headache, but that’s what we like to call a mushroom hangover and if you drink lots of water while you trip you can avoid that completely, as well. People who use shrooms rarely experience physical withdrawals whatsoever.

Myth: mushrooms are a party drug.

The last time I tripped I turned to my husband and asked “how do people socialize while they’re on shrooms?” His response: “they don’t.” Magic mushroom trips are an amazing time but we feel that the best trips are with close loved ones or a small circle of friends. We do, however, believe they should be taken in any way you see fit so if you wanna eat at one of our bars and party, we’re super stoked for you to do that!

Myth: magic mushroom trips are ALWAYS euphoric.

We wish we could say this is true, and at the same time, we’re glad it’s not. Mushrooms tend to show us things that we need to resolve in our lives, so sometimes (especially in higher doses) you’ll end up having what some people call a “bad trip”. We don’t believe in bad trips, we believe that every trip is giving you a glimpse into your subconscious and they might bring things to the surface that you may not have dealt with. Go with it, let the mushrooms show you what needs to be fixed and then make it happen.

Myth: shrooms are toxic and can be fatal.

There was a study conducted in 2016 of 12,000 people who had taken psilocybin mushrooms and out of those 12,000, only 24 of those participants reported needing medical treatment. There is more of a chance for you to fatally overdose on salt than magic mushrooms. Shrooms are considered generally safe unless you have a condition like schizophrenia and face the risk of triggering an episode.

If these don’t cover the myths you’ve heard about magic mushrooms don’t hesitate to send us a message on our contact page, we’d be glad to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

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