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Newsletter Issue #2

Welcome to our 2nd newsletter, we just have a few cool things to mention real quick 🙂

Vibe is back!

This special blend of Ayurvedic plant medicines and psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms will make you feel confident, aroused & relaxed.

Vibe is designed to improve all aspects of your sexual health (especially your libido) plus stress relief. Vibe contains 3 clinically proven sexual health / mood enhancing plants & 50mg of psilocybin mushrooms to help make things easier for you.

There are some benefits that are specific to men (increased sperm count) and some specific to women (reduced menopause symptoms) but this supplement is suitable for everyone. We both enjoy this blend.
Each Vibe capsule contains:

50mg Z-Strain Magic Mushrooms
200mg Maca
250mg Ashwagandha
250mg Tongkat Ali


In case you didn’t know, we’re all about Instagram giveaways! We’re running one now to celebrate VIBE being back in stock by giving away 4 packs of capsules!

One winner from Instagram AND one random newsletter subscriber will get…

1 pack of 100mg microdose capsules (30)

1 pack of MacroCaps of the strain of your choice (10 capsules / 5 grams)

1 pack of CalmCaps – Our microdose / Ashwgandha blend (30)

1 pack of VIBE! – Our special relaxation / sexual health blend.

Review past orders for points!

Word of mouth is super helpful for us, as are reviews. We’ve only recently enabled reviews on the product pages and we could really use a boost! If you like our products, it would mean the world to us if you would leave us honest reviews. Not only will you make us super happy and help others feel confident about ordering from us, but you will get points from each review that can be used for discounts! It’s a win/win/win!

For those of you who may have forgot, here is your newsletter coupon code. **HIDDEN***
That is all for now, we hope you’re doing well and to hear from you soon! 🙂

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