New bar flavours, new name!
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What’s New? Spring / Summer 2024

What’s new with us? We’ve rebranded! Notice anything different? We ditched our old name ( for the awesome Shrooms.VIP domain. While we were taking some time off, we realized “Fungus” doesn’t sound too appetizing, so we bought the perfect domain, Shrooms.VIP! While we’re still using most of the Happy Fungus content and images, we’ve fine-tuned a few things. The biggest […]

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Vegan strawberry shroom bars Cnada
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Scrumptious new spring product launches!

Do you like strawberries? Dark chocolate? How about a little crunch? Well, we know you LOVE mushrooms so if you like those other tasty things, you’ll absolutely love our new bars! Introducing StrawberryCrunch Shroom Bars These delicious bars are our new favourite! Made with freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry extract, dark chocolate and rice crispies for a sweet (but not too sweet),

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Golden Ticket
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Golden Ticket Contest!

We were watching one of our favorite movies last week, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and thought… We also make bars, are almost as weird as Willy and love giveaways so let’s make Golden Tickets of our own and have a sale while we’re at it! Huzzah! So we made fifty 5 gram Golden Teacher Rice Crispy bars (a

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Increased Security
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Server email security update :)

If you’re interested in cybersecurity and privacy, you know of Protonmail & Protons’ other products. We have been using Proton for Interac transfers but have been using Gmail for emails that are sent from the server. Well, good news! We are now free of Gmail! We’ve installed Proton bridge, allowing us to use Proton for all email exchanges. While our

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Vibe is back!
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Reintroducing VIBE! Libido & Mood Microdose Supplement Blend

Looking for a little help dealing with the stress of modern life? A boost in the bedroom, maybe? A bump in confidence? This special blend of 3 libido/mood enhancing herbs plus 50mg of psilocybin mushrooms will make things easier for you. ReIntroducing VIBE! This blend (formally known as BDE, you can guess what it stands for…) was meant to be

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bar shipping

$5 bar shipping & all shipping options explained.

UPDATED – Please Read We’ve simplified things by offering free capsule shipping, free bar shipping, and $20 flat-rate shipping (3-5 days, Canada-wide) with tracking for all other orders of all sizes and orders over $200 now receive free shipping. For local deliveries, if you are close to reserve mines, it’s $5, if you are over 20km away, it’s $10. Disregard

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