A long time sufferer of bipolar disorder

Hello there! As a long time sufferer of bipolar disorder, seeing articles about the use of mushrooms as a treatment really peaked my interest. I hated everything about being manic. It made my life hell, ruined relationships with friends, family and a long-term romantic relationship. I’ve recreationally used psychedelic mushrooms in the past, but never focused on the benefits. So even before micro-dosing I jumped into a mild dose, and couldn’t help but realize that there was a certain clarity after the trip. I don’t want to say I was clear minded, but my emotions were clear. I could look back in retrospect and understand why some of my actions were unjustified. The benefits of a daily micro dose made it so that those unjustified emotions and actions became clear to me in real time. I could somewhat direct and dictate the flow of my emotions and steer them away from the hard peaks that came with being bipolar. Of course there will always be days that are harder than others, but while taking medication, even the good days were grey. Emotionless. While in the depths of manic episodes, grey isn’t what you need. I found it almost impossible to be excited about something while on pharmaceutical medication. This would cause a cycle of cynicism and compliance. “I’m not sad, but I’m not anything.” And this is where micro dosing has its major advantage over pharmaceuticals. I can stray away from negative emotions while keeping the ability to feel joy. And joy is the biggest part of life. 10/10

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