Total mental clarity.

It was approaching over 8 years since I’ve experimented with psychedelics because I had a profound experience and made the personal choice that there was nothing further to experience. However, after hearing about the benefits when it came to treating depression and anxiety I reached out to Happy Fungus to try something again as I needed a reset of the mind. And that’s exactly what I got. The package arrived the day before a hurricane made landfall. A very dear friend of mine and I both decided as the hurricane was approaching to take about 3 grams each as the power went out. As the evening and storm went on we laughed the hardest we have in ages. At one point my friend turned to me and asked if I could see the energy shooting out from his and my fingertips that he could see. I could. I closed my eyes and asked what colors he was seeing as I was being engulfed in a kaleidoscopic cloud of swirling reds and yellows. Complex geometries fading in and out of existence.. he then described to me what I was seeing. Shortly after as the clouds from the storm swirled infront of a full moon, it almost formed a bearded man’s face that appeared as if to have acknowledged my own existence. I laughed to myself out loud thinking how absolutely ridiculous the thought was that I hallucinated this but that’s what I saw. Like Mufasa from The Lion King appearing to Simba in the sky. We ended the night blasting the metal band KVELERTAK on a charged Bluetooth speaker while Howlin at the moon. The next morning we awoke and my friend asked if I had the best sleep of my life and I did, he did too. I felt refreshed for weeks after. Total mental clarity

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