Reintroducing VIBE! Libido & Mood Microdose Supplement Blend

Vibe is back!

Looking for a little help dealing with the stress of modern life? A boost in the bedroom, maybe? A bump in confidence?

This special blend of 3 libido/mood enhancing herbs plus 50mg of psilocybin mushrooms will make things easier for you.

ReIntroducing VIBE!

sexual health and relaxing microdose capsules

This blend (formally known as BDE, you can guess what it stands for…) was meant to be one of our original product launches in 2018, back when we were known as MaxMind Mushrooms. Five years and a new company name later, they are finally available. We couldn’t be more excited! We’re big fans of the ingredients and after much in-house testing and feedback from our trial run, we’ve decided the world needs these capsules.

Seriously, they’re really great.

VIBE is designed to improve your libido, your sense of well being and your overall health. This special blend will make you feel confident, aroused & relaxed. Some benefits are specific to men (increased sperm count) and some specific to women (reduced menopause symptoms) but this supplement is suitable for everyone. We both enjoy this blend. The husband half of Shrooms.VIP takes 3 daily as his microdose and swears by them.

Each capsule contains:

  • 50mg Zstrain
  • 250mg Tongkat Ali
  • 200mg Maca
  • 250mg Ashwagandha

With options ranging from 10 capsules to 50, the price per capsule decreases as your capsule quantity increases. You won’t find these libido supplements anywhere else and similar products are twice the price and contain no psilocybin.

You will be 100% satisfied with this product or we will give you a complete refund.

Like all of our products, they are for adults only, do not consume with alcohol, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume this supplement. Always do your research before consuming supplements of any kind.

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