What’s New? Spring / Summer 2024

New bar flavours, new name!

What’s new with us?

Notice anything different?

We ditched our old name (HappyFungus.ca) for the awesome Shrooms.VIP domain. While we were taking some time off, we realized “Fungus” doesn’t sound too appetizing, so we bought the perfect domain, Shrooms.VIP!

While we’re still using most of the Happy Fungus content and images, we’ve fine-tuned a few things. The biggest change is our new website is Invite Only

We no longer accept random orders. Users must sign up using special invite codes. Existing Happy Fungus customers can still place orders without codes and can also request a batch of codes to share with their friends. New visitors can request an invite code by clicking here. We currently approve most new requests, but this will scale back once we feel that we are close to capacity. Only two people run this site, grow the mushrooms, make the products, deal with customers, and perform shipping & deliveries. Being able to prevent large influxes of orders is really great for us, and for speedy service. 

Product Updates!

Coconut Crunch Shroom Bars

  1. We have two DELICIOUS new bar flavours, Coconut Crunch and Froot Loops! They’re both great, but Coconut Crunch is hands down our favourite bar. We sometimes make them without mushrooms just for a treat! You’ll love them.
  2. We decided to stop making teas. It’s simply too time-consuming to prepare and package. In order to justify making it, we’d have to increase the prices to a level that we feel isn’t fair. We’re not in business to rip people off. We’re here to make shrooms accessible in terms of price, quality, and easy consumption.
  3. We updated the samplers and made a new party box. Check them out. they’re good package deals.
  4. We have a few new strains available .
  5. We’re tinkering with gummies! This might take a while to dial in since we don’t use animal products. Most gummies use gelatin and it’s pretty gross. Sure, they taste good and have the right consistency, but we refuse to make product’s that we wouldn’t consume ourselves. Stay tuned for these, we’re hoping to have animal free microdose and macrodose gummies.

Last but not least.

We’re having a crazy giveaway! We’re giving away a $100 product credit that can be used towards anything on our website.

To participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is follow our Instagram, like the giveaway post and tag a friend, every friend you tag is an entry in the giveaway, which will run until June 28th, 2024.

That’s about it for now, we’re happy to be back and look forward to hooking you up with some tasty shroomy snacks!


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