Why are my shrooms sometimes blue?

why are my shrooms blue

You ever get a bag of dried magic mushrooms and they’re all a little tinged blue? If so, what you’re seeing is the oxidation of psilocybin, which some believe shows how potent your shrooms are. We’re not going to get into the chemistry behind why it turns blue, mostly because we’re not chemists and we don’t super understand, however, we can tell you that Psilocybe Cubensis (our beloved, favourite magic mushroom species) as well as some other species turn blue when bruised to warn other creatures “hey, I’ll mess you up, please don’t eat me!”

why are my magic mushrooms blue

As you can see in the picture above, when we trimmed this Penis Envy Revert, arguably one of the strongest strains of cubensis, it instantly turned dark blue where it was cut! So while we can’t claim that blue = strong as heck, because again we’re not scientists, we can put two and two together ourselves.

So don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your blue mushrooms as long as they’re stored properly in a cool, dark place with the desiccant packet we provide. However, we can only speak for our magic mushrooms, because if they’re not dried properly they can grow mould. If you’re unsure whether your shrooms are safe to consume, even if you got them from someone else, you can send us a picture and we’ll have a look for you.*

*We’re still not scientists, but we’ll give you all the information we can without being able to touch/smell your mushrooms.

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